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Nova Threads

Using a type of dissolvable thread known as NovaThreads, the soft tissues of the skin are lifted. Threads are not a facelift alternative, but can be used in conjunction with a facelift, and are good alternatives for fillers. Threads are most effective on cheeks, jowls, mouth corners, etc.


The most popular form of cosmetic surgery, Botox can improve or eliminate crow’s feet, frown lines, and other such wrinkles in patients. It is a type of injectable drug created from Clostridium botulinum.


Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage is therapeutic massage therapy that focuses on the special needs of the Mother-to-be. Pregnancy Massage Therapy can help:

Collagen Injection

Collagen, a natural protein, is another type of facial filler or injection. It can reduce laugh lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, creases, and acne scars. It is also used as a filler for fuller lips and cheeks. This is a very safe procedure that is often paired with facelifts.

Laser Hair Removal

All women know the pain of hair removal: shaving, waxing, plucking. It can be a drag, but lasers can help. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution, removing hair from small or large areas of the body. It can be used on legs, underarms, face, and bikini line.

IPL Photo Facial

A photo facial involves intense pulses of light penetrating the skin. The results of such a procedure can be a reduction in both wrinkles and redness. It can also even out your skin tone and reduce facial hair. IPL is a great alternative to chemical peels and fractional lasers.


Carboxytherapy can get rid of pesky stretchmarks, cellulite, and scars. This therapy uses carbon dioxide injections which increases circulation and collagen production. Carboxytherapy sees its best results when performed in a series.

Chemical Peels

Another great option to improve the skin on your face is a chemical peel. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied as an exfoliant. When your skin peels off, new, smoother skin is revealed. This is a great treatment for ages lines, crow’s feet, sun damage, or acne scars.

Fractional Laser

Fractional laser treatment is also often known as resurfacing. Using a laser, layers of skin are removed. This improves how your face looks by removing lines, freckles, or other irregularities. Unlike other treatments that require multiple visits, great results can occur in just one visit.

Body Shaping

For those who are unhappy with their body, body shaping can help reduce excess skin and fat. This is a non-evasive cosmetic treatment is that can be tailored to a specific patient’s needs. Some common body shaping treatments include vacuuming, freezing, heating, and shock treatments.

Wrinkles Reductions

At Amber Gold Spa, we offer many options for wrinkle reductions. Everyone is different, so we are happy to discuss individual options with you. Some of our popular wrinkle reduction treatments include botox, chemical peels, fractional lasers, fillers, and Novathreads.

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